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Sega forgets how awful 32X was, celebrates anniversary

Three discs of classic psuedo 32-bit sound on anniversary soundtrack.


Sega has apparently forgotten what an embarrassment the 32X was, and will be celebrating the device's 15th anniversary through a mega soundtrack.

Set for release on March 31 through Wavemaster, the Super 32X 15th Anniversary Album includes three discs and 128 tracks. Included are tracks from Space Harrier, Stellar Assault, Virtua Racing Deluxe, Parasquad, Metal Head and Virtua Fighter. For a full track list, see Sega's press release as posted at 4gamer.

All tracks are recorded straight off the 32X hardware, and most are looped twice.

Joining the three discs, Sega has included a booklet with notes from the sound producers.

The 32X was released on December 3, 1994. In the words of the soundtrack's cover, "Its state-of-art 32-bit game technology combines high-speed, arcade-quality, 3D graphics and over 32,000 colors for a 32-bit experience."

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