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Valkyria Chronices 2 Gets Yakuza 4 Sticker

Make your tank look like Kazuma's back.


Valkyria Chronicles 2 got in on Sega's Yakuza 4 launch day festivities yesterday with a sweet piece of download content.

Visit the Valkyria 2 official site, and you'll find a password for a Yakuza-themed dragon sticker. This password can be input into the game's "EXTRA" area off the main menu to make the sticker accessible for tank decoration sessions.

If you don't want to visit the official site, the password is "3TJFSZAC96F7NGRY". You can find all the download sticker passwords, for games like Bayonetta, Sonic and Resonance of Fate, here.

Sega made some non-Yakuza DLC available for Valkyria 2 as well. Stickers for Alexis and Magari, two characters who were selected in a Best Character vote that was conducted between February 4 and February 22, were made available for free download through PlayStation Store.

Joining the free content, Sega released a new three star difficulty download mission. Pricing for this is ¥100.

Sega said to expect its Valkyria Chronicles 2 download content to continue in the future.

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