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Dead or Alive Paradise Has Sexy Retail Bonuses

Towels, telephone cards, mouse pads... but no pillow covers?


Tecmo is already throwing in some sweet default bonuses for all Dead or Alive Paradise buyers. But there's a way to get even more risque goodies, as long as you're willing to buy your copy at select shops.

Paradise will see retail-separate bonuses. Items include telephone cards, towels, and even a mouse pad. Here's a list of items and where you can go to get them:

Animate -- Microfiber Towel

Ami Ami -- Telephone Card

Gamers -- Telephone Card

GEO -- Mouse Pad

Sofmap -- Standard Version Telephone Card

Sofmap -- Secret Paradise Box Telephone Card

Bic Camera -- B3 Poster

Magmani -- Telephone Card

Messe Sanoh -- Telephone Card

Media Land -- Telephone Card

Furu Ichi -- B3 Clear Poster

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