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Yakuza 4: Meet Your Hostesses

Sega's hostess contest comes full circle. See how those girls look in Yakuza 4.

The Yakuza 4 hostesses pose with director Toshihiro Nagoshi at TGS.

Check the Yakuza 4 article archive, and you'll find this story as the first entry. Back when all we knew about Yakuza 4 was that it would take place in modern times and feature a more vertical component to the Kamurocho city, Sega kicked off a contest to find seven girls who would appear in the game as hostesses.

The winners of that contest were announced long ago, and the seven girls started a series of series of promotional activities that included appearances at major events and a few bizarre videos.

But it all comes down to this: how do the girls look in digitized form? Sega has shown a few screenshots here and there, but now one day after Yakuza 4's release, it has provided us with a close up look at each girl, complete with setting details.

Those who want to expand their in-game relationship beyond the club and out onto a date should study these descriptions.


23-years-old, Scorpius, blood type A, "half" (I think this means ethnically). Likes chocolate, has an interest in music, and will soon start a column in a Kamurocho "information" magazine.


24-years-old, Aries, blood type O, from the Kansai area. Her favorite food is liver. She also likes perfume. While she's good at high tension conversation, she also has a girly side.


20-years-old, Aries, blood type B, current college student. She has a simplicity about her, but many customers are watching for when she becomes an adult. It appears that she has some sort of super skill. She's weak with alcohol.


24-years-old, Leo, blood type O, originates from Kansai. She feels being a hostess is her calling. She likes liver and fried foods. Her interests include collecting perfumes and visiting onsens.


24-years-old, Sagittarius, blood type A. She has both flashiness and also a calm adult feel about her. She loves the night life and has many episodes to tell, but she's recently calmed down. She loves chocolate.


21-years-old, Aquarius, blood type B. She's cheerful and friendly, and enjoys chatting as friends. She loves fried foods and hates bitter vegetables.


29-years-old, Sagittarius, blood type O. She's a Japanese beauty who looks good with black hair. She has a gentle demeanor. It seems that she started working as a hostess due to certain circumstances. She loves sweet stuff but isn't fond of spicy stuff.


So how do the in-game versions compare with the real thing? See for yourself through these pics I took of the ladies at the Tokyo Game Show. The guy they're surrounding is Yakuza series director Toshihiro Nagoshi.

You can also see some earlier comparison shots in this article.

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