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Tokimeki Memorial Could Beat Ni no Kuni to 4 Gigabits

Level-5 about to loose a bullet point to Konami.


Level-5's Studio Ghibli tie-up RPG Ni no Kuni is set to ship on a massive four gigabit cartridge. And it would have been the first one to do that, had it made it out in its original 2009 time frame.

But it's 2010 now, and unless Level-5 hurries up and gets the game out, they're going to lose that particular bullet point. Konami's newly opened retail listing for DS's Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story has the following bullet point: "Uses a four gigabit ROM -- a first in DS history."

This is Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story:

It has cocky school boys whom you get to woo into love triangles.

Konami promises to use the four gigabits to deliver the highest volume in Girl's Side history.

This is Ni no Kuni:

It has the kind of cast you might expect to find in a Studio Ghibli movie:

A play test of Ni no Kuni makes it clear that the four gigabits are used to deliver the highest quality cinemas and music to ever grace the DS platform.

Tokimeki is now scheduled for Summer release. Ni no Kuni's post-delay release was set at Spring, but we've heard nothing for months now.

Level-5 had better get a move on it, or this slide they shared at last year's Level-5 Vision won't be as impressive:

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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