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Yusuke Naora on Final Fantasy Agito XIII

The latest on all things Square Enix, via Twitter of course.


Tetsuya Nomura has been keeping us up to date on happenings with Final Fantasy Versus XIII through the occasional interview comment. But what's going on with that title's sister project, Final Fantasy Agito XIII?

For that, we turn to Yusuke Naora. The Final Fantasy VII, and more recently Chaos Rings, character designer is serving as art director on Agito. Recently, he had this to say on Twitter:

"At present, Agito is at long last taking shape. I'm in trouble -- in a good sense! Even though it's FF, it looks like it will be a bold and powerful game. I want to show it to everyone quickly, but we'll need a bit more time."

You forgot to talk about air ships, Naora. That's the secret to generating a buzz amongst the JRPG crowd, as Nomura demonstrated earlier this week.

Naora's comments didn't come via his own Twitter, but indirectly through the Square Enix Members Twitter. It seems that producer Shinji Hashimoto has been taking questions from Members, posing them to the Square Enix devs, and relaying them back via the Twitter.

It's a Wonderful World co-director Tatsuya Kando said, "I'm presently hard at work on the overseas version of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Final Fantasy Versus XIII."

Final Fantasy Versus XIII movie director Takeshi Nozue said, "I'm working at Final Fantasy Versus XIII as my main CG work at present."

Hashimoto himself answered some burning questions.

Member Flickereigeist asked if Final Fantasy IX would make it out onto the PlayStation Network Game Archives service. "We're looking into it," responded Hashimoto.

Member pimp1872010 asked if Chaos Rings would be an interesting game. Responded Hashimoto: "It's a true RPG. Please look forward to it."

No one asked, but Hashimoto provided an update on Front Mission Evolved. They've started debugging the game's net play, he said. The game is becoming more and more polished.

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