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Level-5 CEO Tweets About Console Inazuma Eleven

Development still underway. Could an update be coming at next week's Inazuma Eleven 2 championships?

Early artwork for Inazuma Eleven Break.

Remember Inazuma Eleven Break? Back at September 2008's Level-5 Vision 2008 press conference, Level-5 announced this console remake of the original Inazuma Eleven alongside games like Ni no Kuni: The Another World, Danbol Senki, and Ushiro.

None of these have come out. Ni no Kuni has gone playable, but is still without a final release date. Danbol Senki has made a few appearances in magazines and at press conferences, but is also without a date. Ushiro and Inazuma Eleven Break disappeared completely -- they weren't even mentioned at last year's Level-5 Vision 2009 conference.

Yesteray, Break came back into the conversion courtesy of Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino and, of course, Twitter. In a reply to Twitter user "reeeeeyo", Hino said, "I'm not sure if the title will stay the same, but the console version of Inazuma Eleven is progressing, so please wait a bit longer for an announcement."

It's not much, but with Break having completely disappeared from the public eye, it's at least good to hear that the game is progressing.

The Break post came as part of a series of posts about Inazuma Eleven 3. On the 18th, Hino wrote, "We're currrently doing voice recording for Inazuma Eleven 3. When I see the last scene, the memories of the three years development come back, and I cry."

Hino later revealed that we'll get our first promotional video for Inazuma Eleven 3 at the Inazuma Eleven 2 "Football Frontier" tournament championships, scheduled for March 28. Level-5 has scheduled some sort of Inazuma Eleven 3 announcement segment for the tournament.

Perhaps we'll also get an update on Break?

Break looks like a Wii game, but Level-5 has not officially announced the platform.

As you might have noticed that over the past couple of months, a number of Japanese game industry insiders have been releasing little bits and pieces of game news via Twitter. Hino addressed this in a separate post: "On Twitter, I occasionally release unannounced information on our self-branded games and anime. I expected to anger related parties, but most have told me to do it more. It seems that it's good that it raises publicity. I'll continue to pound it out (laughs). Perhaps this is the CEO privilege?"

Note that Hino's statement is specifically about "self-branded" titles. However, he has mentioned non-self-published games in the past, most notably White Knight Chronicles 2. After a recent statement that development had entered a climax, the game made a sudden appearance in last week's Famitsu.

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