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More Yakuza Boozing

Add some limited edition Yakuza shochu and awamori bottles to your drink cabinet.


Yakuza 4 is already out, but Sega is not done with the product tie-ins. A day after the game's Thursday release, the company provided looks at a couple of additional Yakuza-themed drinks:

To the left, Ryu ga Gotoku Ryukyu Awamori Jikaseifuku, a 25 proof 720ml awamori (an Okinawan shochu). To the right, Ryu ga Gotoku Seifuku Umeshu, a 720 milliliter bottle of 12 proof umeshu. (Ryu ga Gotoku is the Japanese name for the Yakuza series).

The awamori drink is available as of the 18th at ¥1,100. The umeshu hits on the 25th at ¥1,600. Only 5,000 bottles of each will be produced.

This tie-up with Okinawa's Seifuku Distillery was also staged for Yakuza 4. The content of the tie-up seems to be the same.

For ordering instructions, see the Seifuku Distillery product page.

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