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Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Hits this Summer

Get into love triangles on new 4 gigabit cart.


Konami announced late last week that Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story would be the first DS game with a 4 gigabit cart. This was actually just one of a number of announcements for the game.

The company also revealed a summer release time frame. Pricing for the standard version is set at ¥5,250.

The Konami Style shopping site will be offering a couple of exclusive special packages. The "Gold Set," priced at ¥9,470, includes an original soundtrack and a book. The "Platinum Set," priced at ¥12,470, adds a charm collection, consisting of a leather strap, a set of six metal charms, and a pierce charm consisting of the initials L and K. See the Konami Style page for a closer look at the charm set.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story is set in Habataki City seven years after the start of Tokimeki Girl's Side 1st Love. Players spend three years at Habataki Academy, working through school and experience romance with six guys.

Activities when not in school include afterschool clubs, which change your parameters, shopping, which lets you coordinate outfits for dates, and part time jobs, which can be used to earn money.

New for 3rd Story is a love triangle system. If you simultaneously deepen your relationship with two heroes, you'll encounter events involving both guys at the same time. Of course, you can also be a bit more traditional, and go after one guy at a time.

Like Love Plus, the heroes in Girl's Side are able to address you by name. This should go along nicely with the game's full voice.

Get a closer look at Tokimeki Memorial Girl's side 3rd Story at the newly opened official site.

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