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Classic Dungeon Demo and DLC Detailed

Screenshot feature and more included in super demo.


A couple of weeks back, the Classic Dungeon development blog revealed plans for a post-release demo for the retro-styled RPG. Nippon Ichi has since made formal announcement of the demo, which as indicated at the blog is more than just a sampler.

The demo will let you play through three areas, totaling ten stages, from the beginning of the game. You'll get to sample the character editor and character formation systems, two major elements of the game. Your play data from the demo can be carried over to the retail version.

In the blog post, the Classic Dungeon dev team said that the demo would offer some content that even owners of the full retail version could enjoy. There are actually three bonus features.

The demo includes a screenshot feature, allowing you to take snaps of your gameplay sessions. This is something that's not in the retail version.

As an exclusive bonus for current owners, the demo will feature 10 high difficulty bonus dungeons. To access this, you'll need to load up your save data from the retail version via the demo's title screen. You'll have full access to your characters and items.

The third bonus will be announced later. This is also exclusively for owners of the full retail version.

Look for this super demo some time in April.

Screens from the DLC.

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