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Okamiden Resurfaces

With a sudden burst in promotional activities, is a release finally at hand?

Wallpapers and more at the Okamiden site.

Capcom debuted Okamiden at the Tokyo Game Show (see my impressions here, and followed up with a second playable appearance at Jump Festa. But we haven't heard anything since -- not even a peep in the gaming magazines.

That could change shortly. On Friday, the game's official site saw a mega update. New to the site are "game summary," "story," "character," "related info" and "omiyage" (that's Japanese for gift/bonus).

In the omiyage section, you'll find some Okamiden-themed desktop calendars. Currently, only March is available, but Capcom will be releasing additional calendars -- presumably once per month.

The related info page has details on a unique promotion. Capcom's direct sales site, e-Capcom, will be allowing fans to nominate and vote on the Okamiden goods ideas that they'd like to see made into real items. Those who'd like to participate in the promotion can find additional details http://www.capcom.co.jp/o-kamiden/info_project.html>here

So why is all this a big deal? A sudden burst in Okamiden chatter seems like a good indication that a release for the game is at long last at hand. Ghost Trick, also first shown at TGS, already has a release date. Perhaps Okamiden is next.

Okami's dual screened sequel may at long last be at hand.

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