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What if Yakuza 4 Were 8-Bit?

Kazuma and Haruka look pretty sweet as sprites.


There never could have been a Yakuza 4 in the 8-bit era because 1) there was no Yakuza 3 and 2) Toshihiro Nagoshi's tan wasn't complete yet.

But if Sega had released a Yakuza 4 for the Master System, and if the game was, for some reason, set to tate mode, it would have looked a little something like this:

Sega has teamed up with 1st Bit, operator of the 8 Bit Maniacs mobile content site, to provide a Yakuza 4 theme for your cell phone. The theme shows sprite art for the Yakuza cast, including main characters Kazuma and Haruka, and a 2D version of Kamurocho -- in both day and night versions, it seems.

Japan-based cell phone users should check the 8 Bit Maniacs site for download instructions. The content is also available through Sega's "Puyo Puyo! Sega" and "Sega Chara Melody" sites.

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