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Metal Gear Teams With Mountain Dew

Hideo Kojima shares some mysterious pictures indicating a big beverage collaboration for Peace Walker.


Square Enix and Suntory never got that Final Fantasy-themed "Elixir" series of beverages quite right. But Konami is assured success with what appears to be an upcoming themed beverage product.

Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima posted these mysterious images at his Twitter today:

It looks like Konami is planning a Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Mountain Dew tie-up beverage.

Sadly, Kojima did not provide details on the product. Looking at the pics, the cans are standard 350mL size and feature artwork for the Peace Walker primary cast.

The box contains a message warning against selling the beverage hot. Hot Mountain Dew -- yikes!

In other Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker news, Kojima also said via his Twitter to expect a promotional video for theme song Love Deterrence at 19:00 tonight.

The third Peace Walker gameplay video will debut this Thursday, Kojima also said. He's already finished it up, and has returned his focus to editing the 5th video. As detailed in an earlier post, this video requires extra time, so Kojima is working on it in advance.

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