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Konami Formally Announces Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Mountain Dew Tieup

Mountain Dew beverages to appear as in-game items in Peace Walker as well.


Following some early images leaked through Hideo Kojima's Twitter today, Konami has formally announced a tie-up between Metal Gear solid Peace Walker and Mountain Dew beverages.

Beverage maker Suntory will release a set of limited edition Peace Walker-themed Mountain Dew cans on April 27. The eight cans have the images of the Peace Walker cast. Each 350mL can will run ¥115.

Players will also be exposed to Mountain Dew within Peace Walker itself. Mountain Dew beverages will appear as an in-game item. Konami did not say what effect the in-game item would have.

Peace Walker sees final release on April 29.

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