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Hideo Kojima Addresses Peace Walker Paz PV Controversy

Final version of game will be nothing like the recently released character song video.


Okay... perhaps "controversy" isn't the right word. But some fans do appear to be alarmed at what they saw in today's Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker video.

The video, a promotional clip for the Love Deterrence character song, shows the Paz character singing and dancing on the beach as Solid Snake and his troops train in the background. You can see the clip here:

Later in the day, Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima responded to a few questions and concerns about the promotional clip at his Twitter.

Apparently, Kojima has received opinions of the form "The image is wrong. This is not Metal Gear." Kojima responded to this by saying that the real game will be completely different and will surprise players with its seriousness. The PV was made by the younger Kojima Productions demo staff as a playful exercise with thoughts of Paz, he explained.

There might have been even more nerd rage if the original plan for the PV had gone through. Apparently, the original idea was to have Snake and his crew dance, squat and do pushups to the music. This idea was tossed after consultations with the full Peace Walker.

A bit more light heartedly, someone asked Kojima if it was his idea to have an image of Paz in her underwear flash momentarily during the trailer. "Indeed it was," responded Kojima.

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