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Check Your Wii For New Love Plus Info

Konami releases teaser video; more information coming later this week.


Power up that Wii, virtual lovers. It seems that Konami has provided an update on its previously announced Love Plus sequel through a teaser video at Wii's Everyone's Nintendo Channel.

Famitsu.com reports this in an early morning update today. According to the site, following some teaser footage, the video ends three key phrases: "Plus +", "Summer" and Nintendo DSi LL Bundle Version."

"Love Plus +" was the code name that Famitsu announced for the Love Plus sequel a few issues back. Mention of the DSi LL bundle version is in line with comments made by the Love Plus series producer on Twitter a while back.

Screens from the first Love Plus.

Outside of the video, it looks like we can expect a Love Plus sequel update shortly. Famitsu.com says to look forward to a more detailed report on the game in its issue that's due out on the 25th. Information from that issue should begin to leak out later today.

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