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This Week's Furage Report

Persona, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Monster Hunter Freedom 3 and more. [update: 21:48]


Every week, usually on Wednesday, information leaks out in advance from your favorite magazines via people who manage to get their hands on early copies. This process is called "Flying Get," or "Furage."

While I can usually get my hands on the magazines later in the day, until then I'll be posting the bits and pieces of information that pop up on message boards in a single column, updated as the info comes in. The information is mostly based off Game Jouhou's summary.

For anything you see in this space, I usually don't have the magazine in hand, so you should treat everything as rumor until you read it elsewhere on this site.

SD Gundam Gachapon Wars

A Wii port of a GameCube title. Set to be published by Nintendo on June 24 at ¥3,800.

Love Plus +

From Konami, for DS release in Summer 2010. Development is at 70%. Adds new systems and features to the original Love Plus. New events focus on the summer. You can also now experience a two day, one night vacation -- in real time!

White Knight Chronicles 2

From SCE for PlayStation 3 release in Summer 2010. Includes online play for up to six players. Defensive maneuvers can be freely output by the player. You can also perform counter attacks.

White Album: The Winter Memories We Make

From Aqua Plus, for PS3 release on May 27. I'm not sure about that name translation. The game apparently recreates the effect where you can see your breath in the winter.


Looks like Prototype is bringing Clannad to the PS3.

Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku

This PC to PS2 port is due on June 24. It adds two heroines, additional event CG and scenarios, and a new opening movie.

Monster Hunter Freedom 3

From Capcom for PSP release in late 2010. They're currently working on something interesting to replace Tri's water parts. Details are being kept secret. They're also doing something about the ecological elements from Tri, although this is also being kept secret.

Phantom -Phantom of Inferno-

Nitro Plus, Xbox 360, Summer 2010, development at 74%. An X360 version of a Nitro Plus visual novel. Includes elements from the 2009 TV anime. The scenario has original episodes from the anime version. Dialogue has been made fully voice.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

From Konami for PSP release on April 29. The game has an unbelievable bonus of some form. It also has "that thing" from MPO. Game Jouhou's summary also mentions something about a missing link between Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid.

New Persona in Development

Persona 3 and Person 4 director Katsura Hashino has started up a column in Dengeki PlayStation. He writes that the next Persona game is currently in the works.

God of War 3 Gets a Special Review

How special is God of War 3? Special enough that Dengeki PlayStation decided to give it 2.5 times the reviews! The magazine usually gives games four capsule reviews. GoW3 got 10 reviews! The scores, out of 100, are 85, 100, 90, 95, 95, 100, 90, 90, 80 and 95.

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