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Use Your Square Enix Members Avatar in New Cell Phone Game

Square Enix begins closed beta test for Ever Heart Odyssey.


Square Enix's new cell phone game has a "Heart" in the title, but it isn't a Kingdom Hearts game. "Ever Heart Odyssey" is a free, item-based cell phone RPG for iMode.

In Ever Heart Odyssey, four players team up to fight, capture and raise monsters. The game promises a major story and downloadable quests. Square Enix Members can look forward to a feature that lets you use your Members 3D avatars as your in-game counterpart.

Members are being invited to take part in a closed beta beta test which will run through April 6. Only 1,000 accounts are being offered, and since this news was announced yesterday the limit has presumably already been reached.

If you're still interested you can learn more at the Square Enix Members special site.

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