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Yakuza 4 Soundtracks Hit iTunes

A game so big it needs two original soundtracks.


Yakuza 4 is so big that Sega decided to split its soundtrack in two. And iTunes is so big that it's getting exclusive access to the soundtracks for a full month.

Both soundtracks, Yakuza 4 Original Soundtrack Vol.1 and Yakuza 4 Original Soundtrack Vol.2 hit iTunes yesterday. They won't be available on other download services until April 28.

Volume 1 includes 38 tracks, priced ¥150 per track or ¥1,500 for the full album. Of the tracks, "Rebellions" and "For Faith (Instruments)" are exclusively available in album form.

Volume 2 includes 35 tracks, also priced ¥150 per track or ¥1,500 for the full album. From this soundtrack, the "Get to the Top! Haruka" and "Kamuro Pure Love Song: Kiryu and Maya" tracks are album only.

For a full Japanese language track list, see Sega's press release at 4gamer.

Sega made some sweet cover mockups for the soundtracks. Looking to add them to your music rack? Too bad! The soundtracks are download only.

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