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SD Gundam Wii Port Confirmed

Namco Bandai bringing over a late GameCube title to Wii.


Following a few early leaks yesterday, we now we have official confirmation that Wii will be getting a port of GameCube's SD Gundam Gashapon Wars.

The original SD Gundam Gashapon Wars was released for GameCube in December 2005. The game lets players take control of over 150 Mobile Suits for strategy-based combat on over 40 battle fields. The lineup of mobile suits spans the original Gundam series to Gundam Seed Destiny.

Modes of play include a singe player scenario mode where your favorite Gundam characters lecture you on the gameplay systems, a survival mode, a mission mode, the action-RPG-like Kimama ni Dungeon mode, and a four player battle mode.

This week's Furage column reported that Nintendo would be publishing the Wii version. This is incorrect. Namco Bandai will serving as publisher.

Look for SD Gundam Gashapon Wars on June 24, priced at ¥3,990.

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