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Media Create Sales Chart Updated

Yakuza 4 dominates, outselling predecessor.

A Yakuza 4 banner outside partner retailer Don Quixoti.

The rankings page has been updated with Media Create's sales data covering March 15 through March 21.

As you might have guessed given the number of articles with "Yakuza" and "record" in the headline over the past week, Yakuza 4 was the big game for the week. Its 384,000 units outsold second place Gundam Assault Survive four to one.

Yakuza 4's first week total is impressive even compared to past Yakuza games. Last year, Media Create reported first week sales for Yakuza 3 as 372,000.

Earlier today, Sega announced that shipments for Yakuza 4 have topped the half million mark. The series as a whole has topped the four million mark. This is a worldwide figure, but most of the series' success has been in Japan.

Also notable this week is New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which topped the 3.5 million mark. We'll probably be saying the same thing next week about Friend Collection, as it's on the verge of topping 3 million.

See the full Media Create software chart here. Hardware sales will be released later in the week.

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