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DS Asteroid Puzzle Game Coming to PSN

Earth Saver on the way to PSP at double the price but with seven times the content.


Tom Create released Earth Saver for DSi Ware in October of last year as a tiny 200 DSi Point download. Now the game is moving on up to PlayStation Network where it will appear as a ¥500 download on April 15.

They're charging 2.5 times the amount, but the PSP version, titled Earth Saver Plus, promises seven times the volume.

Similar to the original, you're tasked with destroying an asteroid that's approaching earth. Your rocket ship drops you on one side of the asteroid and lands on the other side. You have to maneuver across the asteroid, setting bombs along the way, and escape aboard the awaiting ship.

Like the DSi Ware version, the PSP version promises a simple control scheme. You move around with the d-pad and plant bombs with A. And that's it!

Tom Create has thus far supported DSi Ware and WiiWare with a number of download titles. Perhaps PSP owners can look forward to updated versions of some of the developer's other titles as well.

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