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No More Heroes Launch Event Has Thumb Wrestling

Five lucky players to have a chance at thumb wrestling against pro wrestler.


Sick of all the typical game launch event festivities? You know -- the talk stages, the live performances, the signings?

Marvelous has something a bit out of the ordinary for a launch event to celebrate the release of No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise: thumb wrestling.

Promotional spokesperson Minouman will appear at the launch event, which will be held in the evening of April 15 at Akihabara Sofmap.

The pro wrestler will speak about both the game and his wrestling career. Five attendees will be invited to take Minouman on in a wrestling match -- a thumb wrestling match.

If you happen to win the match, you'll walk away with ¥30,000 worth of gift certificates. If you loose... well, you'll hopefully still have access to at least one additional thumb.

The first 50 people who purchase the PS3 and Xbox 360 No More Heroes port will receive an invite to the event. All participants will get a shirt signed directly by Minouman.

It unclear how Marvelous will select the five lucky thumb wrestling combatants.

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