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Strong Hints For Final Fantasy IX PSN Release

Producer promises to bring it up at the next board meeting. Plus, more from the Versus XIII staff.


PSN already has Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, so a Final Fantasy IX release seemed inevitable. It looks like some first steps are being taken towards that end.

Over the past few days, Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto has been collecting opinions on Final Fantasy IX via the Square Enix Members Twitter. Earlier today, he wrote: "Thanks to everyone for your opinions on FF9. Regarding an FF9 download release, everyone is so passionate about it that I'll be proposing it at the next board meeting. Look forward to next week!"

If Hashimoto is really "proposing" the idea of an FFIX release at a coming board meeting, it may seem like a release is a ways off. But there is that "look forward to next week" line in there, so at the very least we can probably expect some news next week.

In other Square Enix Members Twitter tidbits, Hashimoto has been continuing to quiz staff members on their current projects. A Mr. Kanemori, presumably Versus XIII planning director Yuuchi Kanemori, writes: "Recently, I finished FF13 and am taking a breather. From here, I'll be putting my full strength behind FF Versus XIII."

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