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Koei Ups Violence in Overseas Fist of the North Star Musou

Company also working on download scenarios, producer reveals in interview.


Fist of the North Star Musou is already out here in Japan, and selling quite well it seems, with early shipments having topped the 500,000 mark.

So has team Musou gotten to work on a sequel? Given the history of the Dynasty Warriors series, the answer is probably yes.

However, producer Hisashi Koinuma wouldn't go so far as to confirm a sequel in an interview with 4gamer posted on the 27th. Asked if a sequel was a possibility, Hisashi said, "If the fans have a need for it, we'll think about it. At present, I can't say anything without seeing the result."

The development staff actually may not be done with their work on the original, as there's more download content on the way. Koei launched the game last week with a ¥300 download costume which gave main character Kenshiro his classic manga clothing (a product code for this costume was included with the game as a first print run bonus item). Koinuma revealed that, beyond the costumes, plans are in place to release a number of download scenarios. These will feel like challenge mode scenarios, he said.

The staff is also working on the overseas version of the game. 4gamer asked Koinuma if overseas players can expect changes from the Japanese version, outside of the expected language changes. "There won't be any gameplay changes," said Koinuma. "However, for overseas fans, we'll probably adjust the expressions of violence so that it's more extreme."

Koinuma also briefly addressed the possibility of additional crossover titles to follow Gundam Musou and Fist of the North Star Musou. "Similar to Fist of the North Star, if we get lots of fan opinions, and if there's something that looks like it could be turned into a game, we'd definitely like to try it."

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