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Konami Seeks Twitterers For Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Completion Cermeony

Fans can cover April event live.


Konami is holding a big completion ceremony to commemorate the April 29 release of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. The event will be held on the afternoon of April 7 in Tokyo's Akasaka area.

Similar to the Metal Gear Solid 4 completion event from 2008, the Peace Walker event will offer the latest video footage and information on Peace Walker. Additionally, Konami says to expect content that will shock and surprise the industry.

Usually, game companies keep quiet about these ceremonies. You know -- keep out the freaks.

But Konami has decided to make the details public because of a promotion that will see some fans gain entrance.

The company is now seeking "Tweet Reporters" via the Peace Walker official site. Those who are selected will get to attend the event and report live via Twitter.

Konami will select 50 Tweet Reporters for the event. The only requirements are that you be at least 20 years old, have a Twitter account with over 100 followers, and be able to update to your Twitter account via your cell phone.

For information about signing up, visit the Peace Walker official site. Names are being taken through 10:00am on the 30th.

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