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Final Fantasy IX PSN Details Coming By Friday

Square Enix producer brings up Game Archives release of RPG classic at Square Enix board meeting.


Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto delivered his promised update on a possible PSN release for Final Fantasy IX earlier today.

Hashimoto announced last week that he'd be bringing up a possible PSN release for Final Fantasy IX at an upcoming board meeting. That meeting took place today.

Following the meeting, Hashimoto updated the Square Enix Members Twitter with the following Tweet: "The presentation went well. The result will come on Friday. Everyone, please pray."

He appears to be referring specifically to Final Fantasy IX here, as in the following post he wrote "Fortunately for FF9, it's the 10th anniversary, so many of the board members approved."

In a later post, Hashimoto promised that if he's able to learn the result ahead of Friday, he'll provide an earlier update.

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