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Irem Counts Down to April Fools Day

Company recommends installing PS Home for this year's prank.


Irem has a new type of countdown teaser site for us. Instead of a game, they're counting down to what will likely be an elaborate prank.

The Irem home page now shows this teaser page counting down the seconds to April 1. Yes, this is in anticipation of this year's installment of the company's annual April Fools Day joke.

Irem usually goes all out with their April Fools Day jokes, announcing everything from fake games to fake consoles. You can see a recap of their 2005 update at the NeoGAF boards.

Last year's prank involved PlayStation Home. It looks like this year's will also use Sony's virtual space. The text at the teaser site suggests that fans make sure they have Home installed in advance.

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