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King of Fighters XIII Official Site Opens

Delicious sprite art. Plus, guess what characters were most popular at the location tests!


After weeks of being in a teaser state, the King of Fighters XIII official site saw its full opening today.

The Flash-heavy site has sections for story, character, system and event, with one section currently listed as "coming soon."

Under the character section, you'll find profiles of 25 of 31 characters, complete with some sweet sprite art that's just waiting to be ripped.

The system section details everything from the basics of the game to the Hyper Drive Mode and EX systems. There are a few gameplay movies here. There's also a "coming soon" section in this area.

Also be sure and visit the KOF development blog for reports from the weekend location tests.

The location test report lists some interesting stats about the location tests. The most heavily used characters from the tests were, expectedly, the newly added girls, with Yuri at top with 12%, followed by Mai with 11% and King with 9%. Kyo and Ryo follow with 5%.

The blog also shows the top color variations for Yuri:

KOFXIII hits arcades this summer.

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