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Your Questions Answered at the Super Street Fighter IV Blog

Lots of mostly useless details about this year's big fighter.


Super Street Fighter IV assistant producer Natsuki Shiozawa posted the latest in a series of question and answer sessions for the Super SFIV blog Friday update.

Once again, she's worked overtime to answer a ton of questions. Apparently, the text file for the Q&A took up a full 35 page. I'll summarize some of what caught my eye.

Hakan is the final character, so stop asking.

Will Street Fighter Alpha's Rainbow Mika appear in super SFIV? Responds Shiozawa, "I can't say for sure, but with Hakan, Super's cast is all set."

In Japan, Balrog is M. Bison, but M. Bison is not Balrog. Mind blown?

The original Street Fighter had a character named Mike, and someone wanted to know if it's the same Mike as SFII's Mike Bison. Responds Shiozawa, "I believe they're the same person."

Another way games can make you fat

Some fan revealed that for SFIV's Chinese food collaboration, he went into a restaurant and ordered every item at once, prompting the staff to say "Seriously??". This wasn't a question.

Running away from a fight

Someone asked about adding an option to refuse new challengers when playing the arcade version (of SFIV -- don't get excited now). This isn't in the game, admitted Shiozawa. However, arcade owners can set the unit to be a practice unit, making it so that challenges will not be accepted.

The key word is "secret."

Will Super have Shin Gouki as a secret character? Responds Shiozawa, "Even if he were there, if I wrote about it here, he wouldn't exactly be a secret character, would he now?" Another person asked if there will be secret characters when clearing the game as certain characters. Shiozawa's gave a general response here: even if there are secret characters, she wouldn't be able to say so in the blog. However, she added that all Super SFIV characters are available from the start. The character select screen will look just like this:

We can all agree that this is the most important part of a fighting game:

Question: "I have a question. Does SFIV's story take place before SFIII? In that case, does it mean that Gouken is alive during SFIII's time?" Shiozawa's response: "Yes, it's before SFIII. Which means that Gouken was presumably somewhere unconscious as well during SFIII's time."


Hey, remember that funny shot of Ken taking a Gen Shoryuken to the jaw? It looked like this:

This apparently won't happen to the girls -- except for maybe Rose.

Two very original questions

Once again, the usual question about an appearance for Super in arcades. Shiozawa gave the usual response: "We're working so that we will be able to release it."

She was also asked if there are plans for a PC version. "At present there aren't."

Okay, who's been using the Japanese swearing dictionary?

Someone asked if they could set the wait setting to pick up matches exclusively from Japanese players. You can set the game to pick players from your current area.

This is how rumors get started

Someone asked Shiozawa who she gave chocolates to on Valentines day. The answer: Producer Yoshinori Ono. Scandalous!

Even if there were a gallery mode, Shiozawa wouldn't be in it

Is there a gallery mode in Super? Nope!

Lock this guy up!

Someone said it would be neat if Street Fighter V were in full 3D, and if Ryu's Hadouken and Guile's Sonic Boom would pop out of the screen. Shiozawa said the thought of having Chun-Li's Lightning Kick, Ryu's fireballs and Dhalsim's flexible limbs come out to the screen make her excited just thinking about it.

A little bonus for double dipping

Are there any bonuses for those who have the original SFIV? Apparently, if you have SFIV save data, in addition to the 10 costume colors, you'll have access to an 11th color.

Call her C. Li. No, wait -- Chun L.

Here's some Chun-Li trivia. Chun-Li is written in kanji as "春麗." These characters can be read respectively as "Chun" and "Li." Usually, when names are written in Japanese, they're written first name last, but here both the Roman and Japanese versions of the name are written in the same order. So, is Chun-Li's first name "Chun" or "Li?" Shiozawa admits that there's no official setting for this. Non game properties, like books, movies and novels, set a first name, but they're inconsistent. Personally, she likes the name as just "Chun-Li," as it's cute.

Ibuki is fine and all, but where's my Chun-Li shcoolgirl outfit?

In case you didn't know, Ibuki's arrange costume is a schoolgirl outfit.

Those aren't Chun-Li's street clothes?

How come you didn't make Chun-Li's arrange costume her street clothes? Apparently, there was actually an idea for this, but it lost out to other ideas.

What's worse than a schoolgirl outfit?

Someone asked that they bring back Sakura's white bloomers. Shiozawa thinks that bloomers may be a Japanese thing, and that others might think they're white panties.

Download content: 1

Someone asked for new stages, characters, super combos, ultra combos and additional arrange costumes to be offered as post release DLC. Shiozawa said that there has been particular desire for arrange costumes, so they're thinking about it. Nothing is set at present.

Download Content: 2

Outside of costumes, will there be other DLC? They already confirmed this, but the game will have a post release tournament mode.

Download Content: 3

Shiozawa is not sure when they'll release the tournament mode download content.

Download Content: 4

There will be an all-in-one pack for the arrange costumes, similar to SFIV. Also similar to SFIV, this won't be offered until the very end, so those who want the costumes fast will need to buy them individually.

Chun-Li's Face

People apparently think that Chun-Li's face has been changed. Shiozawa assures that this isn't the case -- the face hasn't changed, but it may look like it based off how the shot is taken.

Cammy's Face

How did Cammy get the scar on her face. Says Shiozawa, Cammy has lost her memory, so she doesn't know.

How long does it take to charge Shiozawa?

Someone said he wanted to see Shizawa do a Hadouken. She responded that she can't do the move because she's charge-based (OMG!). However, the producer and director are command-type, so she was able to show them:

Shiozawa Obsession: Part 2

Someone said that he couldn't sleep because he was worried that with the unveiling of Hakan, Shiozawa's feelings might have moved from E.Honda to the new character. Shiozawa's response was that she has no idea how the idea came about that she likes Honda.

Shiozawa Obsession: part 3

If Shiozawa could be hugged by one of Hakan, Hawk, Zangief or Honda, who would it be? Among these, she gave a rather unsure Hawk.

Shiozawa Obsession: Part 4

Someone asked for a special birthday message from Shiozawa. This person's birthday was on the 20th... of February. Shiozawa gave the birthday congratulations and also noted that the voice actor for Fei-Long, Yuichi Nakamura, also has the same birthday.

Shiozawa's Obsession

Someone complained about spoilers in the blog and asked that Shiozawa make amends by bundling a Don-chan strap with the game (Don-chan is Ibuki's little raccoon). Shiozawa responded that she also wants a Don-chan strap. Later, in response to a comment about how cute Don-chan is, she shared a bunch of screens of the character.


They're leaving this for the fan fiction writers

There are a few areas of Street Fighter's background story that have either not been officially set or are being kept secret for now.

Someone noted that Sakura, Ibuki and Makoto are students... but what grade are they in? There's no setting for this, said Shiozawa.

Someone asked for profile information for Hakan's wife and children. This information has not been released at present, said Shiozawa.

In other profile news, someone asked if the profile data for the SFIII characters is from the past or if there's new stuff for Super. There's a mix of both, she said.

BPs and GPs

Will you be able to carry your BP and GP from Street Fighter IV to Super? Nope! Will Super have functionality for searching by BP? Nope! However, you can get a similar effect by using the game's new rankings. The game now has an area-separate ranking, allowing you to view rankings separated by Asia, North America and Europe. You can also now view a character-separate ranking.

The Gentleman Boxer

Here's the staff's "best shot" for Dudley. It seems Shiozawa had it taken specifically for the blog post:

Juri is much better than this...

Shiozawa says that the blog will be showing off a variety of characters that didn't make the cut. Here's one example:

The text above the image refers to this character as an old Korean lady who knows Taekwondo.


A few music questions made it into the Q&A.

Is the BGM that was arranged for SFIV the same in Super? Yes -- the character theme songs that appeared in SFIV are the same.

The new Savanna, India, Korea and Metro City stages all have accompanying songs. However, these are not recorded on the bonus soundtrack CD because the CD includes just the character theme songs.

The music that Capcom uses in the Super SFIV PVs were made specifically for the videos. They can't be heard in the game, and they're not on the bonus CD.

A case for mandatory HDD installs

One person asked that they require a HDD install. The reason is that there's a lot of waiting when you encounter someone who hasn't installed. This person alternatively suggested that they have an option for install appear when starting up the game. Shiozawa admitted that this is a frequent request, and that because many people don't know about the install option, they should prompt people at the start of the game. Unfortunately, Super SFIV does not do this.

This would make a great spinoff action title

Here's a neat idea someone had for a bonus stage: a cat fight between Dhalsim's wife versus Hakan's wifes.

It's a "Street Fighter" blog

Shiozawa responded to a couple of non Street Fighter questions in the blog.

Someone asked if there were plans to release a sequel in the Darkstalkers series. Shiozawa said that she wants a sequel to be released because she's personally a big fan.

Another person said that he'd rather have Capcom VS SNK 3 and asked Shiozawa if she wants this or Darkstalkers more. "This is a difficult question... I guess Darkstalkers?! Sorry!"

If Super SFIV is a hit, will Capcom release a Rival Schools sequel? Shiozawa responded that she doesn't know, but she is a fan of Rival Schools.

No panty shots for you!

The Super SFIV blog occasionally has pics showing the action from some sweet angles. This uses a photo capture mode from the game's development version. This won't be accessible by players.

Here are some sample pics, though:

Other Stuff

Here are a few additional bits and pieces from the Q&A

  • You can copy your data -- useful for making backups.
  • There are currently no plans for an arcade stick bundle
  • When installing on the 360, the game takes up 6 gigabytes
  • Super SFIV Has faster load times compared to the original SFIV
  • Super SFIV will have all new Trophies -- a lot of them
  • You'll be able to do matching in PS Home and buy clothing.
  • There won't be any commercials for Super. Shiozawa has said this before.
  • You'll know what character your opponent has selected when you select your Ultra Combo
  • There's no replay save feature for offline matches
  • The game does not allow you to set your ring name, although Shiozawa feels this would be a nice feature
  • There are no additional CPU settings for training mode

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