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Date Set For After Burner Climax

Long awaited arcade to home port arrives in April.


Following closely behind announcements made overseas, Sega shared a final release date for After Burner Climax today. The long awaited arcade to home port will hit PS3 and Xbox 360 here simultaneously on April 21. The PS3 version will run ¥900 with the 360 version going for 800 Microsoft Points.

It seems that the announcement was originally planned for later this week. In an update today at the official blog, producer Toru Murayama complained that Sega's overseas offices jumped the gun on the announcement, which was originally planned for April 2.

Climax's release comes almost a year after the team's last release, Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, which hit Xbox 360 on April 29, 2009. So does this mean their next title will arrive in April 2011? Apparently no. Wrote Murayama, "Our team has accumulated knowhow about each hardware like a sponge absorbing water, and will be able to finish our next title at the speed of light... if we get the OK from the company."

Murayama also promised a renewal opening for the After Burrner Climax official site shortly.

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