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Meet Final Fantasy XIV's Races and Tribes

Details and artwork for the races and tribes from Square Enix's 2010 MMO event.


Square Enix gave the Final Fantasy XIV official site a big update today, providing looks at the tribes that make up the previously announced five races.



Takes up the majority of the Hyur population. They reside in cities and villages throughout the land and hold a variety of occupations.


They reside in the northern highlands and, amongst their fellow Highlanders, have large frames. After their capital, Aramigo, fell, it became rare to see any Highlanders except for fleeing male mercenaries.


Seekers of the Sun

They're active during the day and believe in the sun god Arzema.

Keepers of the Moon

A mostly nocturnal group who believes in the moon god Manefina.



They've come to live in thatched roof housing that connects into the ground, and are known as "people of the plains." With their large ears, they can hear even the tiniest of sounds.


Known as "people of the dunes," this nomadic group lives in the desert areas and relies on large-scale herding.



They've lived for hundreds of years deep within the forest. Now, many have adapted to city life or returned to nomad life on the fields. They excell at archery due to their falcon-like sight.


For hundreds of years, they've resided in dark caves. They have great hearing, good enough to hear the rustling of their enemy's clothing, and many are skilled in hand-to-hand fighting. Even now, there are many who still reside in caves and have turned to thievery. They view the Foresters with disdain as traitors.



Feared as the "sea wolves," pirates who invaded from the northern seas. Presently, they're often seen working as sailors.


Known as the Hellsguard, they live in around a volcanic crater that is believed to be the gates to hell. In addition to the powerful Roegadyn bodies, they have magical abilities.

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