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Retailer Lists Wii Bishojo Fighter

Twinkle Queen promises four player combat using characters from four PC game makers.


A listing popped up yesterday at online retailer E-net Japan for Twinkle Queen, a Wii title from Milestone.

According to the listing, Twinkle Queen is a fighting game featuring bishojo characters from four PC game makers. The listing does not mention the franchises that are involved in the crossover, but does state that they have a lot of fans.

The Wii title will feature voice work from the various characters' original voice actors. Its stages will feature arranged versions of the original BGM tracks.

Four players will be able to fight simultaneously through such options and battle royal and three on one. The listing says that the game can be used as a party game for a large number of people.

Other features mentioned in the listing include waggle-controls through the Wiimote and network rankings.

It sounds like an odd choice for a Wii game, but if the listing is to be believed (it is March 31, so maybe this is Milestone's attempt at an April Fools' joke), Wii owners can look forward to Twinkle Queen on June 24.

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