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Now the Final Fantasy IX Teases are Multi Lingual

"2 more days till the greenlight of FF9 on PSN in Japan," writes producer.


Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto has been teasing a Final Fantasy IX PSN announcement at the Square Enix Members Twitter since last week. Today, the teases got a bit easier to understand for non-Japanese speakers:

The post with the English says "2 more days till the greenlight of FF9 on PSN in Japan." The Japanese that follows is a bit less sure of itself, stating "2 more days until the result of the FFIX download."

Looking at the English, it would seem that Square Enix has already decided to greenlight a release.

Hashimoto has also been responding to questions about FFIX's PSN release.

One person asked how long it will take for the download to start once a decision has been made. Hashimoto wouldn't give a clear time frame, only stating that once finalized, Square Enix would have to work with Sony's staff on technical adjustments.

Another fan, noting that an FF9 remake is on the way, asked about the possibility of a Chrono Trigger remake. Hashimoto corrected this person. The game in question here isn't a remake of FF9. It's just a download version of the PlayStation original for the Game Archives download service. Unfortunately, his response made no mention of Chrono Trigger.

Check back on Friday for what will presumably be an official announcement.

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