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Shinji Mikami's Project Site Opens

Get additional info with a harakiri mini game.


Harakiri is that thing where you take a sword and thrust it into your stomach.

It's also the name of a bizarre Flash game that appeared today at the newly open Mikami Project website. This is the site that Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami said he was opening up as a recruitment page for his new studio Tango.

The game requires that you simply click the mouse with good timing when your gauge hits a MAX state. Depending on how accurate your mouse presses are, you'll get a higher "Harakiri Leap" rating (presumably indicating how far Mikami's head flew) and a message, from Mikami's newly severed head, about Tango.

(I managed to get the max gauge but didn't get any new details about Tango. Instead... well, you can see for yourself).

While the Harakiri mini game is probably just an a joke, the Mikami Project site does seem to be a legitimate job solicitation site, as promised in a Famitsu interview a few weeks back.

The site's recruit page lists positions for 2D designers, 3D designers, programmers, producers and managers to work primarily on console game development in Tokyo. There are no details on the listed jobs, but there is an address to where interested parties can send a resume.

The website states, under the text "MIKAMI SHINJI PROJECT," "This project is to be completed by 99 days." Perhaps this is an indication that we'll hear about Mikami's new project in early July.

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