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Here Are Japan's Stupidest April Fools' Jokes

All the fake news, updated throughout the day!


April Fools' Day is yet another western celebration that Japan for some reason chooses to participate in when they really don't need to. The other one is Halloween (although that one is okay because hot girls confuse it with cosplay and dress up like Chun-Li).

Japanese game companies and websites take part in the fun every year, dishing out fake news stories. Although some of these are quite elaborate, they're usually easy to spot, as you'll often find mention somewhere, often in bright red lettering, that April 1 is April Fools' Day.

I'll be putting all of today's April Fools' junk stories in this single column, updated throughout the day as more lame jokes come in.

Sony Beats Nintendo to Goggle-Free 3D

Weekly Toro Station has been a testbed of new tech for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Now it looks like Sony is using the game to one-up Nintendo's new 3DS system.

Toro and Kuro will star in a new project that promises compatibility with goggle-free 3D technology. By downloading this week's episode, available today (in advance of the usual Friday update), you'll get details on the new game's beta.

Bayonetta Goes 2D

From the Bayonetta official blog comes first word on Bayonetta: Angel Land., a 2D adaptation of the critically acclaimed PS3 and Xbox 360 action title. Get a glimpse here:

This is being produced by "The World's Hashimoto," aka Yusuke Hashimoto, and directed by "Like This Kamiya," aka Hideki Kamiya.

BlazBlue Crosses With Arcana Heart!?

That's what the Arc System Works official site says, at least.

Play the mini game to see if this is real or not. (The game requires that you hold the mouse down when the dude is looking away from the girl. If he looks at the girl while you have the mouse pressed, you loose.)

Holy New Game Machines, Badman!

Sony announced that it will be releasing the "Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida 3D" game machine. The name is based off the latest entry in the series that was originally known in the West as Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! but is now known as What Did I Do to Deserve This Threat of Litigation, My Lord.

According to the specs, the machine features a V30 CPU and FM sound. For wireless, it uses the Telepathy standard. Its special feature is that it has a button for instantly killing heroes. It's also apparently capable of 4D play.

Despite all the advanced tech, the machine is quite cheap. Just 300,000,000.

I tried to investigate more, but was taken to this message:

"Today is April Fools' Day, My Lord."

Foolipnote Hatena

Nintendo and Hatena teamed up for to bring the Flipnote Hatena (or Ugomemo Hatena in Japan) user generated content service to the DS. Now they're starting a new service: Foolipnote Hatena, or, in Japan, Usomemo Hatena.

Incidentally the Japanese name has a pun in it too. The "Ugo" in the original name means "Move." The "Uso" in the joke name means "Lie."

Access the Foolipnote site here and post your gags, jokes and lies. But make sure that you don't hurt anyone (except Ronald McDonald, it seems).

Virtua Fighter 5 VS Street Fighter IV

Sega chose to debut first Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown footage today.

Either that, or Capcom debuted first Street Fighter V footage today.

Whatever the case, it looks like pedobear has prospects as a host!

Irem Halts Development On Semifinalist Fantasia

Irem announced today that it has stopped development on MMMMUSO RPG Semifinalist Fantasia: Legend of the Dark Queen's Pretend Crying. The company determined that development would be difficult due to costs related to maintaining the RPG, which had gained 10.8 billion users throughout the world.

(The "108" figure is a recurring theme in Irem's April Fools' jokes. In a past joke, it announced a love sim featuring 108 target girls -- the highest in the history of love sims.)

According to a message posted to its corporate website, Irem will be selling off its Semifinalist Fantasia business to the highest bidder.

To make amends for the cancelation, Irem will be holding a one day beta test for Semifinalist Fantasy in PlayStation Home.

Those without access to PS Home can visit Ikebukuro's Yamada Denki Labi1 shop for a one day event where they can sample the game. Participants will receive a special badge.

I think -- I'm not sure, though, so don't hold me to it -- that the PS Home and retailer parts of the joke are partly real. Visit Irem's PS Home spaces or the Ikebukuro Yamada Denki to see for yourself.

You can see more on Semifinalist Fantasia at the official site If you're interested in buying the rights to the game from Irem, you'll need to fill out a survey.

Valkyria Chronicles Live Action Movie

Sega will release a Valkyria Chronicles 2 live action movie in Spring 2011. An 18-month filming session was recently completed in Russia.

A press release included story boards showing the opening of the movie, where the Imperial army advances on the Gallia border, along with new tank design sketches, and even shots of series director Shuntaro Tanaka on the set.

Mega Man Stages From a Construction Company

This may be just an Inside Games joke rather than something from Capcom. Inside Games reports that a construction company called Maeda Construction will be working with Capcom on Mega Man 10 stages.

They even shared a picture of Capcom producer Hironobu Matsushita and other Mega Man VIPs planning the stages with reps from Maeda:

Hideo Kojima

Wondering if Hideo Kojima is planning some sort of April Fools joke? He provides no clues at his Twitter.

A follower pointed him out to Irem's massive April Fools' Day project. Kojima replied "I haven't seen it, but rather than fake stories, I prefer true stories that appear to be fake."

Another follower asked if he'll be pulling a prank this year like he did last year. His only reply was: "Ah, Japan reaches April 1 ahead of time, right?"

That's Kojima's actual bicep.

The 4th Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker gameplay movie is due later today...

Irem -- Part 1

Irem started off the April Fools' day foolery earlier this week with a countdown to their eventual April Fools' Day site.

Irem's teaser site.

The site suggested that PS3 owners make sure they have PlayStation Home downloaded to their system. Irem's April Fools' joke from last year also had a PS Home component.

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