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Xenoblade Official Site Updated

New backgrounds, music and more as Nintendo begins its marketing push.


Nintendo gave the Xenoblade official site its first update today, adding some actual content beyond the static screen that had been there until now.

The site has sections for World, Characters, Battle, System and Trailers. Of these, only World and Trailers are active.

The Trailers section has the promotional video that was posted to the Everyone's Nintendo Channel yesterday. See this story for a summary of what's going on in the clip. The page has slots for two more trailers, so it looks like more video footage is on the way.

The World section offers a glimpse at the game's prologue, detailing the battle between two giant gods, the Kyojin and Kishin. Xenoblade is set on top of these two gods, who froze into corpses in mid battle stance.

Inactive subsections of the World part of the site include "Kyojin and People," "Kishin Army," "Shinken Monado" (literally "God Sword Monado"), "City and Life" and "Screenshots."

The names alone provide some hints about Xenoblade. It looks like the Monado name carries on in the name of a sword. Additionally, you can see how some of the previously detailed background story will work into the game. The protagonists reside atop the Kyojin god, which is presumably why there is a section detailing Kyojin and the people. They fight the residents of the Kishin god -- the Kishin army, it seems.

Xenoblade is set for a Spring release, so we can probably expect Nintendo to be pretty quick in the updates to the official site.

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