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Two Sweet Xenoblade Images

Artwork shows the world at its creation and now.


You won't find any Xenoblade screenshots here. However, Nintendo did share a couple of sweet concept images (or possibly CG shots) of Xenoblade when sending out notice of the official site's update to the Japanese press.

The first shot shows our two gods, Kyojin and Kishin, in the heat of battle :

Their final resting position following this conflict forms the shape of the Xenoblade world.

Which you can apparently see here:

Those are presumably a couple of primary characters looking out onto the interconnected swords of the two gods. This would presumably be from the Kyojin side of the world, which serves as your starting point and should be the more organic of the two worlds.

Xenoblade is still with a Spring release time frame. Nintendo has even set a price -- ¥6,800. It looks like they're kicking the marketing machine into gear, so we'll hopefully get a continuous stream of info from here on out.

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