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BlazBlue PC Includes Free DLC

Arc makes up for the delays with bonus content, and also includes cross platform play.

Screen from the arcade version of BlazBlue.

The PC version of BlazBlue Calamity Trigger -- yes, the first BlazBlue -- is at long last arriving on May 27. Arc kept PC gamers waiting, but they'll be making up for it with some free goodies.

A page just opened up for the PC version. The page makes note of two features: cross platform play and free download content.

Cross platform play means PC owners will be able to play against Xbox 360 owners.

The free download content means all the paid DLC from the 360 version will be included for free with the PC version. For the 360 version, Arc offered additional color palettes and "Unlimited" versions for some characters.

The PC site also has a spec chart. In the chart, circle means required and double circle means recommended. Triangle means the item has been confirmed as compatible.

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