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Hironobu Sakaguchi: The Last Story Not a Final Fantasy Rehash

Final Fantasy creator Tweets about his latest creation.

Until Nintendo starts sharing specifics on The Last Story, we're going to have to turn to Sakaguchi's Twitter and the Mistwalker blog for every little bit of info.

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi was involved in a fun little Twat (that's a Twitter-based spat) with Final Fantasy Gaiden director Takashi Tokida earlier today.

During the course of the conversation, Sakaguchi said something along the lines of "How about stopping with the Final Fantasy rehashes?"

This was probably said in jest, so it's not worth making a big deal over. (Although Sakaguchi did press a bit further in a subsequent Tweet, saying that it's important to not break the balance between business and creativity.)

Sakaguchi's next comment, however, is notable for those looking forward to his latest creation, The Last Story. After Sakaguchi and Tokida parted, someone Tweeted to Sakaguchi, "From the title, Last Story gives the feeling of being a big FF rehash."

Sakaguchi's reply to this appears to have been deleted, but Hachimaki posted a screen grab: "I think you'll feel this once you've tried it. LS is not a rehash."

In other Last Story news that has been scraped from the walls of Twitter, Sakaguchi commented briefly on the game's musical component yesterday. Someone asked for the name of the composer of the song that players in the "Star Viewing Tower" blog post at the official site. Responded Sakaguchi, "I'm sorry, I can't reveal the composer yet." He added, however, "We had one person do all the songs."

If you're searching for additional Last Story bits and pieces, I'd suggest a visit to the Mistwalker blog. Sakaguchi mentions The Last Story briefly in a post from yesterday titled Nose Cap: "The weather doesn't clear up, but my heart is clearing up. This is because I shut myself up with the development team every day and am able to feel The Last Story being born. It's finally off from the creator's hands and has begun to move on its own -- like always. It's like a living creature. It breaths on its own, it speaks on its own. It's fascinating, even though its spirit is digital data."

If Nintendo maintains its update schedule, we'll hopefully get a new post at The Last Story development blog tonight.

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