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Twinkle Queen Gets an Official Site

Wii's bishojo fighter wasn't an April Fools' joke.


I was pretty sure Twinkle Queen was an April Fools' joke when it popped up last week in Enet's retail database. Either Milestone or Enet, or possibly both, had to be pulling a fast one here, as why would anyone make a bishojo fighter for Wii?

Well, if it is an April Fools' joke, Milestone is going pretty far with it. The game has now appeared in another retailer database. Milestone has also opened up an official teaser site.

In case you're wondering, this is what your logo will look like if you decide to name your game Twinkle Queen.

Yes, any game named Twinkle Queen will have that exact logo, which skillfully combines crowns with twinkles (stars).

The official site has no further information. For that, we turn to the retail database of HMV.

You'll recall that the original Enet listing promised four player fights using characters from the franchises of four PC game makers. The game uses the original works' voice actors along with arranged versions of the original BGM tracks. Gameplay features include Wiimote shake controls and a network ranking mode.

The HMV listing lists four franchises that will feature in the game:

The game will apparently have "teams" of fighters from these titles.

Like the original Enet listing, HMV lists a June 24 release date for Twinkle Queen. Now that an official site is open, we'll hopefully be getting our first look shortly.

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