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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Version Discussed at the Official Blog

Development has just started, says assistant producer of the console version.


The Super Street Fighter IV blog got two updates today. In addition to round two of an ongoing look at older characters, assistant producer Natsuki Shiozawa provided a report on Saturday's national tournament.

All the major Japanese sites already provided picture-filled reports (see this page for some links). Visit Shiozawa's post for Capcom's own look.

In her coverage of the tournament, Shiozawa noted something about the lineup of fighters for the 14 teams. All Street Fighter IV characters were represented. Guile was originally missing from the lineup of pre-selected combatants, but he ended up being used by a player who'd qualified during a morning selection round on the day of the tournament.

Shiozawa also provided a bit of clarification about the prizes that were on offer. In addition to the pair of gold gloves, the winning team got a ticket (or possibly tickets -- I would hope they gave copies to each player) for the Xbox 360 version of Super Street Fighter IV. You can see combatant Arufuru holding the giant ticket in the below picture:

Outside of the tournament, the event marked the domestic debut for playable Super Street Fighter IV. Over 2,000 people lined up to sample the game on the 15 available kiosks, said Shiozawa. The lines were packed throughout the day.

The tournament ended with the announcement of Super Street Fighter IV for arcades. Shiozawa provided a bit of clarification about this as well. She wrote, "Now that Super SFIV's arcade conversion has been set, development can at last start. Will there be tuning? Will there be additional characters? When will it hit arcades? Nothing has been decided yet."

If you were hoping for a surprise arcade release timed with the PS3 and Xbox 360 version on April 28, you may be disappointed. But at least Shiozawa doesn't rule out the possibility of adjustments and added characters (all of which could presumably be added to the home version as download content).

It looks like there'll be a lot more content for the Super Street Fighter IV blog even following the April 28 home version's release. Unfortunately, Shiozawa won't be writing the blog posts. Following the April 28 release, the "Nakky Blog" (named because Shiozawa's nickname is "Nakky") will change to the "Saikyo Blog" (Japanese for "strongest" or "ultimate") and will be written by this guy:

That's Tomoaki Ayano. He's the assistant producer who will be working on the arcade version of Super SFIV in place of Shiozawa.

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