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Senko no Ronde DUO Pushed Back

Hybrid fighter/shooter slips one month, to May.

The home version of Senko no Ronde Duo.

G.Rev announced today a delay in Senko no Ronde Duo's release. The arcade to Xbox 360 shooting port will now arrive on May 20 instead of its originally planned April 28 date.

As reason for the delay, G.Rev cited the need to fix some networking bugs that were discovered in the final stages of development.

It's unclear if this is being done to make up for the delay, but G.Rev also announced a more hefty bonus item for the game's limited edition. The special ¥9,240 version was set to include a drama CD. The content of this disc has topped the 80 minute mark, so G.Rev will be upping the CD count to two.

Senko no Ronde Duo is the sequel to G.Rev's unique hybrid shooting and fighting game Senko no Ronde. The arcade version hit in July 2009. The 360 version adds a story mode, network play and other original features. See this story for further details.

Overseas, the Xbox 360 version of the original saw overseas release under the name "WarTech: Senko No Ronde."

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