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Xenoblade Trailer 2 Hits

Get a closer look at the world and two primary characters.


Nintendo has released its second Xenoblade trailer via the Everyone's Nintendo Channel.

The first trailer, released last week, provided a look back at the prologue, depicting an ancient battle between the Kyoshin and Kishin gods which lead to the formation of the Xenoblade world. You'll recall that the game's world is set atop the bodies of these two gods. They turned to corpses while in the heat of battle.

This new trailer takes things to modern times. Stream the footage for yourself here:

Following some glimpses at the Xenoblade world, the scene turns to the surroundings of a town. A young main-character like character, whose name is later revealed to be "Seneka," appears to have discovered a battle machine of some form, but is disappointed to see that it is broken, meaning he won't be able to use it. Seneka lays down on the field, and says something about wanting to learn the secrets behind the power of "Monado," which, going by some text at the official site, appears to be the name of a sword.

The scene switches to an interior location where a deep-voiced man is speaking to Seneka. It seems that Seneka has been researching a red sword-like device -- presumably the earlier mentioned Monado -- and that his research has progressed. However, Seneka says that while anyone can activate the device, controlling it afterwards is the problem.

The scene switches to an inn. A shirtless man lay in bed. A girl, Hiyoru, brings food to the man. She says she'll feed him, but he insists that things have changed since the previous year. However, he drops his spoon in pain and seems to regret that he can't even hold the Monado in his present state.

Next, an outdoor scene. Hiyoru approaches Seneka with food. They sit on a bench and Hiyoru observes that the wind feels good. Seneka expresses surprise at how peaceful their present location is. Hiyoru expresses hope that peaceful days like this will continue.

The two are alerted to a sudden siren. Seneka says that it's a "Falling Object Alert." "Falling objects from Kyoshin," says Hiyoru. The trailer comes to an end with a defense system taking aim and firing at the falling objects.

Seneka and Hiyoru reside on Kyoshin, one of the two ancient gods. It seems that things are falling from other parts of Kyoshin, and this is a frequent-enough occurrence for the town to have set an alarm and appropriate defenses in place.

A note a bout the names. While watching the trailer, I heard the names as "Hiyori" and "Seneka." I'm not totally sure if I heard correctly, so they could be different. Nintendo's next official site update (which will presumably hit later this week) will hopefully provide a proper character introduction.

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