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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Press Conference Live Blog

Hideo Kojima is promising some big announcements at the Wednesday afternoon presser. Check here for live coverage.


Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is scheduled for PSP release here on April 29. In typical Japanese fashion, Konami is commemorating the release with a "completion ceremony" press conference, to be held today at 13:30 at the Akasaka Blitz event space in Tokyo.

We'll be live blogging the proceedings right here, so check back throughout the afternoon. And while you wait for the event to begin, be sure and see these other stories for some hints as to what to expect:

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15:41 -- The press conference has come to an end, so I'll be closing off the live blog. Check the main site later for a more formal report on all the announcements.

15:32 -- The event closes with Donna Burke performing the theme song, Heavens Divide:

15:31 -- Oh, by the way. Similar to with Metal Gear Solid 4, Kojima will be taking a world tour to commemorate the release of Peace Walker. This will start with the 4/29 Japanese release of the game, then continue to Asia, Europe, North America, etc.

15:29 -- Kojima delivers some closing words:

15:27 -- (From 4gamer's Twitter: 4gamer says that they reason Monster Hunter ended up with optional "hunter type" controls is because of this promotion. I'm not sure if they're speculating, or if this was said during the event.)

15:26 -- Snake fights it out MH style!

15:23 -- For the Monster Hunter collaboration, they show Snake battling it out with some well known Monster Hunter beasts. It looks like Monster Hunter, but with Snake! They even have the Monster Hunter background music in there!

15:21 -- Monster Hunter and Assassin's Creed collaboration pics:

15:18 -- Next, they move on to the Monster Hunter tie-up that leaked out of Famitsu earlier today.

15:17 -- Next, confirmation of something we all knew: the Assassin's Creed video that was posted at IGN wasn't an April Fools' joke. The collaboration will really be in the game.

15:16 -- Looks like that was the Square Enix mini surprise!

15:15 -- Sweet Snake figure:

15:13 -- (4gamer's Twitter reports that the boss figures will be able to interchange their parts with Front Mission figures!)

15:12 -- They will also have figures for the bosses eventually.

15:12 -- First up is a Snake figure, due for release in June.

15:11 -- Square Enix will be making Peace Walker figures.

15:11 -- This is it!

15:11 -- Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto takes the stage.

15:10 -- As you can see, there will be a Uniqlo tie-up as well.

15:10 -- More collaboration pics:

15:05 -- Hori will sell its usual licensed accessory kit -- pouch, cleaner, etc.

15:04 -- Walkman will appear in the game as a music playback tool. You'll find a bunch of past Walkman devices. Sony will also be selling a limited edition real Walkman.

15:04 -- You'll be able to drink Pepsi Nex in the game as a recovery item. Mountain Dew is also in there. You'll recall that a real version of the Mountain Dew drink tie-up was previously announced.

15:02 -- Pics of some of the collaborations:

15:01 -- Axe Fragrance Body Spray will appear as a recovery item in the game. Weekly Shounen Magazine will also appear in the game.

14:59 -- First up, a tie-up with Doritos for Mexican Taco flavored chips. These will appear as an in-game healing item.

14:58 -- Now producer Kenichio Imizumi has taken the stage. They're going to talk about some collaborations.

14:57 -- (From 4gamer: They want players to make their own lyrics. These can be sent to a server via MGS Peace Walker, which will then send back the lyrics sung by the vocaloid. They're using Yamaha's Net Vocaloid system. In the future, they'll be holding original lyric contest and would like to offer lyrics as DLC too.)

14:55 -- (From 4gamer's Twitter: they used Yumi Kikuchi to record the database that would be used by the synthetic speech system. In using a female voice to serve as the basis for the giant bosses, which are voiced using the vocaloid system, they were aiming to give the boss fights "fear of mismatch" and "a strangeness.")

14:50 -- He's discussing the previously announced Vocaloid collaboration with Yamaha.

14:49 -- Following the trailer, sound director Kazuki Muraoka takes the stage.

14:47 -- Here are a few sneak shots from the trailer:

14:44 -- They're airing a trailer that Kojima made for the press conference. Perhaps this is the 5th trailer we'll be getting this week?

14:43 -- (4gamer is reporting that they've changed the genre for Peace Walker. Previous Metal Gear Solid games were Tactical Espionage Action. This time, it's Tactical Espionage Operation." It's meant to indicate the management part of the game, where you can experience being the battalion itself).

14:41 -- The biggest one, Cocoon (to the right), is 24.3m tall. You can't see Snake in our pic, but he's a mere 1.88m.

14:39 -- Here's a slide showing some of the enemies:

14:37 -- Another keyword: Powerful Enemy. There will be giant enemies in the game.

14:33 -- You can put up to 300 allies here.

14:33 -- Now Kojima is introducing the Mother Base part of the game.

14:32 -- He also explained "senyuu," which is like "sneaking with friends." This is the keyword for co-op play. During co-op, you share life, item and more with friends. Co-op play places an importance on human relationship.

14:31 -- Kojima is continuing to detail key words -- things like ally, where you can pick up enemy troops from the battle field, attach balloons to them, and send them to Mother Base, your base.

14:26 -- They showed a timeline of MGS series, with PW in 1974. Peace Walker continues the theme of world peace, etc.

Now Kojima is talking about making PW portable. They had enough buttons, he says. PSP worked fine for the series, and also allows for coop.

14:25 -- (From 4gamer's Twitter: Kojima explains the color bar that appears behind the peace mark in the logo. This is meant to make you think of what happens when a television station has broadcast troubles. They're using the color bar to represent a state where emergency and panic become normal, like in the 70s when, due to the height of the Cold War, people feared nuclear war.)

14:20 -- (editors note: because we're having connection problems, I'm going to add a few details to Alex's reports based off the various Twitter reports that are coming out of the event).

14:19 -- There's the Peace Mark, derived from events of the 70s (wars, etc.).

14:18 -- Kojima is discussing the keywords of the game.

14:16 -- (editor's note: if you have a chance, please check this week's flying get report for details on Compile Hearts mind boggling new PS3 RPG. You will not be disappointed!)

14:14 -- Following a length trailer, Hideo Kojima has taken the stage.

14:08 -- (editor's note: sorry about the short updates -- Alex is having connection problems, so he's having to send updates via his cell phone).

14:07 -- They're showing another trailer. There's lots of MGS-style dialogue, and the graphics are looking great.

14:02 -- We're having a few connection difficulties, so the updates may be a bit sparse. Sorry!

14:02 -- Part 2 of the press conference has begun.

13:43 -- It looks like Hashimoto's mini surprise is indeed related to this event. He's updated the Square Enix Members Twitter saying that the surprise will be announced today.

13:36 -- The press conference has started with a trailer. We'll be back with more updates once the second half of the conference begins.

13:32 -- The conference is going to begin shortly. Konami has placed an embargo on information from the first part of the press conference, so we won't be live blogging that part. We will be live blogging the second part, though. Check our full report later on today for what transpired during the first part.

13:27 -- This is what Hideo Kojima had for lunch during his makeup session.

(We took this from Kojima's Twitter -- no, we do not have backstage access to Kojima's dressing room).

13:25 -- This is the same Hashimoto who updates the Square Enix Members Twitter. Earlier this week, he said there would be a "little surprise" this week. Perhaps this is related?

13:24 -- Incidentally, the "Shinji Hashimoto" who will appear in part 2 is from Square Enix.

13:19 -- The press conference begins at 13:30. Stay tuned!

13:18 -- White balance check:

13:17 -- Press badge:

13:12 -- And then there's a theme song by Donna Burke (of Silent Hill fame) titled Heavens Divide, composed by Honda Akihiro and written by Toda Nobuko

13:12 -- Part Two has Kojima, Imaizumi Ken'ichiro, Muraoka Kazuki and Hashimoto Shinji

13:12 -- For the first part of the conference, KCE's company director Tanaka Fumiaki, Kojima and Kawano Hiroshi have got the stage

13:11 -- A quick check of the schedule...

13:11 -- The press conference doesn't begin until 13:30, but we're already inside, in the front row.

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