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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Teams with Assassin's Creed II

Eagle dive into Assassin's Straw Boxes. Yes, the April Fools' joke was real.


Konami will be repeating one of its major Metal Gear Solid 4 tie-ups for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. The company announced today that it will team up with Ubisoft to bring elements from Assassin's Creed II into Peace Walker.

If you didn't unplug your internet on April 1, you already saw this promotion in motion via a mysterious trailer clip that showed Peace Walker's Snake character running around in a straw "box" and doing the signature Eagle Dive move from Assassin's Creed. In case you missed it, here's the clip:

That footage is all legit! Certain stages of Peace Walker will allow Snake to do an Eagle Dive move, where he leaps from great heights and dives into the grass below -- or, more specifically, into an "Assassin's Straw Box" item, designed to combine the straw fields of Assassin's Creed with Metal Gear Solid's box item.

See Famitsu.com for additional direct feed image grabs of the Assassin's Creed tie-up.

Metal Gear Solid 4 featured a similar tie-up with the original Assassin's Creed, allowing that game's Solid Snake character to dress like the Assassin's Creed Altair character. That tie-up was also initially revealed as an April Fools' joke.

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