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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Teams with Monster Hunter

Take Snake to Monster Island for some four player co-op hunting. Don't worry, Felyne will be there!


The big announcement from today's Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker completion ceremony event was a surprise tie-up between Konami and Capcom that pairs Peace Walker with PSP's biggest game, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Freedom Unite overseas).

As part of the collaboration, Peace Walker will feature a special "Monster Island" area of play where Snake will have to hunt some well known Monster Hunter beasts, large and small. As with the rest of Peace Walker, this can be done in four player co-op mode.

Snake will have the support of Monster Hunter mascot character Airu (Felyne in the overseas version of the series). Airu will help you clear the missions by sending out bullets and other support items in boxes.

You'll also find another Monster Hunter staple on Peace Walker's Monster Island: well cooked meat. Actually, make that well cooked rations. Pick up a "Ration Grill Set" around the stage, and you'll be able to cook up your rations to make them more effective.

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