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Metal Gear Collaborates With Front Mission Evolved

Front Mission Evolved parts to appear in Peace Walker.


This is something we missed out on in our live blog from the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker completion ceremony.

It appears that, in addition to the collaboration for Play Arts figures, Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto announced a second Peace Walker tie-up at the event. This one links up Peace Walker with Front Mission Evolved, the upcoming Xbox 360 and PS3 entry in Square Enix's long running mech series.

According to Gpara, parts from Front Mission Evolved's wanzer mechs will appear as in-game items in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. You'll be able to use the parts in some capacity. Details beyond this were apparently not shared.

In our live blog, we "re-tweeted" a 4gamer tweet from the event stating that Front Mission parts would be interchangeable with the parts for the Peace Walker Play Arts figures. This may have been incorrect. Based off the various Japanese reports we've read since the event, it seems that the Front Mission tie-up is just an in-game one.

As for those Play Arts Peace Walker figures, Konami and Square Enix formally announced six:

  • Play Arts Kai Snake Sneaking Suits Version (June)
  • Play Arts Kai Vol. 2 Pupa (Summer)
  • Play Arts Kai Vol. 2 Chrysalis (Summer)
  • Play Arts Kai Vol. 2 Basilisk (Summer)
  • Play Arts Kai Vol. 3 Snake Army Fatigues Version (Summer to Fall)
  • Play Arts Kai Vol. 3 Cocoon (Summer to Fall)

Pricing for the figures was not shared.

Of the six, Konami shared images of Snake, Pupa, Chrysalis and Basilisk.

You can see live versions of these, as put on display following the event, in Impress Watch's coverage.

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