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All About MGS Peace Walker's Mother Base System

Is this the hidden charm that Kojima and staff have been hinting at?


Yesterday's Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker completion ceremony press conference was about more than just absurd tie-ups (Dorritos? Really?). Hideo Kojima also took the stage to detail some new gameplay areas of his latest baby, most notably the Mother Base component.

As previously detailed, Mother Base is the name for a sea-based plant which Snake and Miller's group MSF (Militaires Sans Frontières) use as their base of operation.

Separate from the main mission-based Peace Walker gameplay, you head out to the base to develop weapons and equipment, making use of money (GMP) from missions and schematics that you get when clearing missions. You can also expand and strengthen the base itself.

Expanding Mother Base.

All this side activity requires a staff. You acquire staff members by taking prisoners on the battle field. You might have seen Peace Walker videos showing the player attaching balloons to a stunned enemy. The enemy flies off to Mother Base to serve as staff members. You can set them to serve in the research and development, medical, food, or intelligence wards of your base, or put them in your active army.

How you allocate the staff determines how your base will grow. As an example, if you put the focus on research and development staff, it's possible that you'll acquire high level weapons quickly.

You can populate your base with up to 300 troops at one time. Sound like the makings for a management nightmare? No worries. You'll also be able to use an "Auto Mode" to have the game automatically determine how best to place the units based off their abilities.

Screen showing the staff level of the base's various wards.
Details on staff and items.

Famitsu.com passed along a list of functionality you have access to for your management purposes.


Place an item in a box and send it to another player via wireless. You can specify the date and time of delivery.

Outer Ops

Dispatch members of your active army to areas of conflict that have requested your help. After you've formed your unit, it takes care of the combat automatically. Depending on the result, you'll earn different rewards and may even unlock additional missions. The unit members will also become more powerful.


Develop new weapons and equipment. If you increase the staff in your research and development wing, you'll increase the speed of development and the capabilities of the resulting items.

Creating weapons.


You can connect to wireless access points placed at retailers and in public places to obtain troop data. To get the troop to join you, you'll have to make him surrounder within a certain time limit. It also seems that there are some troops which can only be obtained at certain access points.


This shows where all your staff is located within Mother Base. You can also check up on the abilities of each staff member.

Versus Ops

A six player battle mode. Includes team survival and a number of other rules.


Exchange staff with other players. You can only exchange staff that has been placed in a special waiting room.


This shows your progress in the game, your "friendship level" with your "sneak friends," the titles and decorations you've earned and more.


As you progress through the missions and reach certain conditions, Mother Base will see additional evolutions. Famitsu.com labeled this with a "???".

The Mother Base component looks like it will be an essential part of the Peace Walker experience. At the press conference, Konami shared a chart showing how massive the game's bosses, known as "AI Weapons," are, with one rising 20 times Snake's height. You may have to rely on Mother Base's support here to develop weapons capable of destroying the bosses.

That is if all you want to do is destroy them, of course. Said Kojima at the event. "You can take parts from the AI Weapons. However, if you destroy them, you can't take those parts." Famitsu.com reports that you'll be able to go inside the bosses and obtain chips and parts. These can be taken back to Mother Base and given to your engineers, who could make some new things for you using the stolen technology.

Giant bosses await.

Stealing parts is one area of the game that will likely be difficult in solo play, a problem that co-op play could take care of. The game actually seems to encourage taking on the bosses in co-op mode, as all players who participated in the mission receive the stolen parts.

The Mother Base component prompted Kojima to share a surprise announcement. Past Metal Gear games have been labeled by Konami under the genre "Tactical Espionage Action." Kojima feels that Peace Walker does not fit into this genre, and so for Peace Walker, they've changed the genre to "Tactical Espionage Operation." Said Kojima, "You can experience the actual army itself, including the operation of action and the operation of management."

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