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Now There's a Famicom Bar in Shibuya

Play games while you drink in the Tokyo hot spot.


I used to live in Shibuya. One thing -- the only thing really -- that annoyed me about this part of Tokyo was that there weren't any of those fabled video game cafes there.

That's apparently changed. Gpara.com reports that Akihabara's "Famicom Bar" has opened a branch in Shibuya near that well known "scramble crossing" interchange with the Starbucks and Tsutaya buildings. The new shop is named "TV Game Cafe Bar Famicom City."

Like Famicom Bar, Famicom City lets you play games while ordering alcoholic beverages. I assume you can also smoke, because Japan isn't as ridiculous about smoking laws.

The Shibuya outlet, which opened less than a month ago, has over 600 game titles on such systems as Famicom, Super Famicom, PS2, PS3, PSP, DS and more. Games include not just multiplayer attractions, but slow-paced solo games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. You select the game you want to play from a book.

There are 8 tables and 29 seats. Each table has a monitor. The shop also has wireless LAN.

Pricing is based off time. You can spend ¥600 yen to gain access for an hour, with one complementary drink. ¥1980 will get you two hours in the shop with all you can drink.

Did you miss the last train? One option is usually to go to an internet cafe, pay 15 bucks and watch some movies or use the internet while you wait for the first train. Alternatively, you can go to Famicom Bar. The shop has a ¥3,480 all-you-can-drink option that lets you stay in the shop from 24:00 to 5:00.

Visit Gpara.com for more pics from the shop.

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